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Super Junior World Tour ‘Super Show 5’ 2013 In Malaysia

Putra Indoor Stadium, 23 November 2013
Posted on : Tuesday, 22 Oct 2013
Last Updated : Tuesday, 22 Oct 2013

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Organized by Star Planet, Super Junior World Tour ‘Super Show 5’ to happen in Malaysia. Fans were thrilled at the news that much-awaited K-pop super idol boy group will return to Kuala Lumpur to stage their live concert at 5pm, on November 23rd, 2013 at the Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil.

Date/Time : 23 November 2013, 5:00pm
Venue : Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil

Ticket Price :-
CAT 1 (rock) -- RM661, CAT 1 (seat) -- RM661, CAT 2 -- RM561, CAT 3 -- RM441, CAT 4 -- RM391, CAT 5 -- RM241

> Star Planet website
> Star Planet facebook page

Just when the Super Junior ELF fans thought that Malaysia is probably fallen out of Super Junior’s “Super Show 5″ World Tour grid, they should be over-thrilled at the fact that the organizer, Star Planet, officially announced that the much-awaited K-pop super idol boy group will return to Kuala Lumpur to staging their live concert.

Acclaimed the undisputed King of K-pop music, Super Junior has performed to more than a million audiences since they started touring in 2008. Since the release of their best-selling album "Sorry, Sorry" in 2009, the group has led the K-pop wave to a global scale. Each member of the group is unique and posesses distrinctive talent from powerhouse vocalist to MC, DJ and actor. When come together, they unit to shape bigger dreams and created gigantic impact on th eKorean music scnene.

is definitely one of the biggest Korean pop concerts to be staged in Kuala Lumpur this year and it will boast one of the most ingenious concert stage designs ever set up in the stadium with special visual effects to impress. The use of the 3D mapping technology will give audiences an incredible jaw-dropping experience.

For more information, please call Star Planet 0392233667 / TicketCharge 03-92228811.

Super Junior World Tour ‘Super Show 5’ 2013 In Malaysia

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