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Tesco Kids Milk Powder Promotions - Up to 20% OFF

Promotion valids from 18 till 24 May 2013
Posted on : Saturday, 18 May 2013
Last Updated : Saturday, 18 May 2013

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Head over to Tesco today and enjoy up to 20% off on extensive range of kids milk powder from now until 24th May 2013.

RM65.52 -- Anmum Essential 3+ 1.6kg Assorted
RM68.72 -- Anmum Essential 1+ 1.6kg Assorted
RM41.20 -- Dutch Lady Activegold Step4 2x550gm Assorted
RM42.40 -- Dutch Lady Activegold Step3 2x550gm Assorted
RM19.49 -- Dutch Lady 123/456/6+ 1kg Assorted
RM22.00 -- Dugro 1+/3+/6+ Fruit+Vege/Multigrain 900gm
RM18.99 -- Dugro 1+/3+/6+ Regular/Honey Date/Chocolate Strawberry 900gm
RM17.68 -- Fernleaf 1+/3+ 900gm Assorted
RM83.28 -- Gain Kid Eye-Q 1.8kg
RM85.52 -- Gain Plus Eye-Q 1.8kg
RM55.28 -- Isomil Plus 900gm
RM27.12 -- Lactogen 3/4 L. Comfortis DHA 2 x 650gm
RM31.99 -- Nan Kid4 2 x 350gm
RM32.79 -- Nan Grow3 2 x 350gm
RM49.60 -- Novalac IT Grow 800gm
RM53.60 -- Novalac DHA Grow 800gm
RM60.96 -- Pediasure Complete S3S 900gm Assorted
RM27.12 -- Purenat Premium 400gm
RM51.19 -- S26 Gold Picky Eater 900gm
RM40.24 -- S26 Promise 1.2kg
RM41.68 -- S26 Progress 1.2kg
RM76.64 -- S26 Promise Gold Biofactors 1.8kg
RM83.04 -- S26 Progress Gold Biofactors 1.8kg
RM23.68 -- Sustagen School 650gm Assorted
RM25.04 -- Sustagen Junior/Kid 650gm

* Promotion valids from 18 till 24 May 2013 only
* Whilte stock last

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Tesco Kids Milk Powder Promotions - Up to 20% OFF

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