Dpulze 1st Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Tournament 2017

  28 - 29 Oct 2017, 9am - 6pm

  DPULZE Shopping Centre, CyberJaya



Co-organised by Persatuan Xiang Qi Putrajaya (布城象棋公会) and Mega Chess Academy (马来西亚弈智棋院), the 1st Dpulze Chinese Chess Competition 2017 will take place at DPULZE Shopping Centre, CyberJaya on 28 & 29 October 2017

There are three categories in this Chinese Chess (Xiangqi) Tournament namely Classical, Team and Blitz. Please contact the following person in-charged to register:-

Selangor: Gemini, 012-231 8652
Kuala Lumpur: Kingsley – 011-3922 6353
Others: Joey – 017-691-2939

Dpulze 1st Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Tournament 2017