2013 Infinite 1st World Tour ‘One Great Step’ In Kuala Lumpur

  Saturday, 19 Oct 2013


Organized by IME PRODUCTIONS,“2013 INFINITE 1ST WORLD TOUR - ONE GREAT STEP IN KUALA LUMPUR” finally has been confirmed to be held in Stadium Negara on the upcoming 19th October 2013.

韓國7人偶像組合Infinite將於10月19日來馬舉行《One Great Step》演唱會,地點訂在國家體育館(Stadium Negara)。Infinite由聖圭、東雨、優鉉、Hoya、成烈、L和成鍾組成,並由韓國團體Epik High成員Tablo培訓。他們今年初不但在大馬舉行的金唱片大賞以《追擊者》獲唱片本獎,也拿下最佳團體表演獎。

Date/Time : 19 October 2013, Saturday 7:30pm
Venue : Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur

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Ticket Price :
VVIP RM683 / VIP RM683 / Rock Zone RM583 / PS1 RM583 / PS2 RM483 / PS3 RM383 / PS4 RM183

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INFINITE is a Korean megastar band who is now at the very heart of the massive popularity of K-Pop. The seven male members (Sung Kyu, Dong Woo, Woo Hyun, Hoya, Sung Yeol, L, and Sung Jong) successfully debuted in June 2010 with their first mini album going straight to the top of the charts. In 2012, Infinite became more popular with ‘Scorpion Dance’ featured in ‘B.T.D’ and propelled into super-stardom with from winning music awards. Following this, they continuously made No. 1 hits, like ‘Paradise’, ‘The Chaser’, ‘Man In Love’ and more.

Fans all around the world are drawn to INFINITE’s pitch-perfect live performances and their music, which distinguishes them from other K-POP artists. In 2012, Billboard.com chose ‘The Chaser’ as the No. 1 K-Pop Song of year and through an article dedicated to the band on their main page, identified INFINITE as a rising star who had shown the most growth in Korea and Japan.

INFINITE has always given their fans total satisfaction with powerful, eye-catching performances. This summer, Infinite celebrates their 3rd anniversary since exploding on the scene and takes their music to the world, starting in Seoul, Korea. Following this, “2013 INFINITE 1ST WORLD TOUR ‘ONE GREAT STEP’ IN KUALA LUMPUR” will be held on 19th October at Stadium Negara Kuala Lumpur. Their journey will continue through China and many more Asian countries and beyond, touring until the end of the year, performing in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and more.

IME Production is the lead promoter of 2013 INFINITE 1ST WORLD TOUR ‘ONE GREAT STEP’ IN KUALA LUMPUR

2013 Infinite 1st World Tour ‘One Great Step’ In Kuala Lumpur