Boost - Food Festival & Bazaar @ Desa ParkCity

  17 - 19 Aug 2018, 11am - 10pm

  The Waterfront @ Desa ParkCity, Kuala Lumpur

The Foods are READY. Just pop over to PICNIC here with your Friends & Family at Desa Park City this 17 - 19 Aug 2018. We are open from 11am - 10pm :)

Boost E-wallet are giving out RM 5 FREE Credit to visitors who use Boost App to make payment. T&C Apply.

Categories: Food, Drink, Dessert, Fashion, Art & Craft, Handmade Products, Beauty, Shoe & Bag, Kids Apparel, Pet Products, Organic Products

Activities: Live Music Performance, Games Booths, Eating Competition and etc.

Date: 17 - 19 Aug 2018
Business Hrs: 11am- 10pm
Venue: Desa ParkCity (The Waterfont)

吃货注意!以野餐为主题的「Boost - Food Festival & Bazaar」将在8月17日(五)至19日(日)在The Waterfront盛大开跑,现场将有超过80个摊位参展,提供包括各国美食、蛋糕、饮料、甜品、小吃、手工艺品、服饰、配件、美妆、手工肥皂和精油等各类产品,买了食物,直接坐在公园草地上和家人朋友一起分享,是不是很享受捏😍?只要使用Boost App付费,每人免费送RM5,让你尽情购物!除了美食,还有Live Band表演、大胃王比赛、巨型扭蛋和小孩游戏区等精彩活动,还可以带宠物一起来玩哦,超热闹的啦,赶快锁定8月17-19日,和家人朋友一起到Desa Park City野餐、吃美食

Boost - Food Festival & Bazaar @ Desa ParkCity