POPULAR Warehouse Books Clearance @ VivaHome

  23 Nov - 02 Dec 2018, 10am - 10pm

  Viva Home Expo Hall, Kuala Lumpur



There’s something fast, furious and explosive headed your way, at this year’s POPULAR Warehouse Books Clearance @ VivaHome. Catch the colours of local talent, in the form of mascot appearances, competitions, workshops and Nixon’s Wawasan 2020 gallery. So be there from 23 Nov to 2 Dec, and get cozy with your favourite artists.

今年的大众书局震撼清仓促销除了震撼之外,我们还要带你进入热爆的漫画世界! 你可以和你喜欢的吉祥物互动,我们还准备了当红漫画家签名会、填色比赛、漫画工作坊以及Nixon 2020宏愿画展。 11月23日至12月2日约定你!

POPULAR Warehouse Books Clearance @ VivaHome